While we may not need telling you Spotify is the world’s most-used music streaming platform, with 60 million users as reported in 2015, you might be interested in learning what Spotify Premium APK (mod) is all about. 

Well, the “mod” (modified) version of Spotify Premium, known as “Spotify Premium APK (mod), is an APK file that lets you experience the exclusive features of Spotify Premium without paying a penny. Not only is it an awesome cost-free alternative to the official paid-for Spotify Premium, Spotify Premium APK (mod) is also a much superior option to the free version of the official Spotify app. 

Officially, Spotify does offer a free version but users of this cost-free package can attest that it’s never up to par. The free version hardly offers access to exclusive Spotify features and if you’re dying to access such features, you may be tempted to upgrade to the premium package. But to avoid paying for Spotify while still accessing its premium features, Spotify Premium (mod) APK is definitely your best bet. This is why we’re willing to guide you on how to download and install the APK file. 


What Capabilities Make Spotify Premium (Mod) APK a Special App?


Spotify Premium APK (mod), particularly the one recommended through the download link in this post, is the ideal option for you. This is because the developers of the “mod” app (APK file) worked painstakingly to help you unlock a good number of premium Spotify features. Therefore, the developers of the “mod” app have disabled unwanted elements (such as audio ads and visual ads) as well as enabled several features that you’d normally have paid to unlock. 


But since it is free and unofficial, the modified version of Spotify Premium is available only as an APK file that you’ll have to download from unofficial online sources if you’re willing to enjoy Spotify Premium at no cost. Nonetheless, you’ll find a reliable download link for the “mod” APK file in this post. 


Below is a detailed list of what this Spotify Premium APK (mod) is capable of doing:

  • Blocking audio ads: Audio ads can alloy your experience while listening to music through Spotify. These ads are really unwanted and because they appear intrusive, this “mod” version of Spotify Premium helps keep them away
  • Blocking visual ads: These ads are display elements considered unnecessary. Just like audio ads, they seem interruptive. Using this modified variant of Spotify Premium, you can worry less about visual ads
  • Access to extreme audio: The developers of this mod(ified) Spotify Premium APK understand that premium audio quality is one of the things that excite Spotify users. This is why this “mod” version of Spotify Premium unlocks the extreme/high-quality audio for the songs you’re playing on Spotify
  • Enabling storyline: Ability to view the lyrics of a playing song is probably one of the things you love about Spotify Premium. Such exciting ability is available in this “mod” version of Spotify Premium
  • Access to custom-designed themes: Access to these themes means this “mod” version of Spotify Premium lets you utilize customized themes in spicing up the appearance of Spotify
  • Enabling the repeat feature: The repeat feature is just one of the exclusive functions that distinguish Spotify Premium from the free version of official Spotify. Courtesy of the “mod” version discussed in this post, you’ll be able to use the repeat feature without paying a penny. This repeat feature lets you listen to your choice of soundtrack again and again
  • Access to your choice of song: This “mod” variant of Spotify Premium enables you to select your preferred song and listen to it. This way, it’s pretty easy for you to listen to only your favorites while accessing songs via an artist’s page or through an album on Spotify
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Other features/functions this “modded” Spotify Premium APK offers include:

  • Removal of unwanted permissions
  • Deactivation of Spotify crash reports
  • Access to Spotify Connect
  • Activation of unlimited shuffle
  • Access to the new Canvas feature

Steps for Downloading and Installing Spotify Premium (Mod) APK

  • Use the link here to download the latest APK of Spotify Premium
  • If, after the download, the file comes as a zip file, you’ll have to unzip/extract the file before you can proceed to the installation of Spotify Premium. Any of the common file explorers out there will do the (file unzipping) job. But you may instead want to try your smartphone’s native file manager, which is the file explorer (tool) that came with the device
  • After you’re able to extract the downloaded APK file, you can start the installation by clicking the file. While the file –the Spotify Premium APK you just extracted –will likely bear the title, it is very possible that you receive a message indicating that your (Android) device is not permitted to “install unknown apps from this source”. This message is particularly for security purpose. Meanwhile, it’s a restriction you need to bypass before you can download Spotify Premium APK since the file isn’t coming from an official download store. To do that, follow the steps below:
  • Explore the Settings option that shows up along with the message: “Your phone is not allowed to install unknown apps from this source”
  • Once you see a new window where you’re asked to “allow from this source”, switch the slide to the right side. Doing this will help activate installation from an unknown source
  • Now that you can install Spotify Premium APK on your smartphone, return to the installation page and click the Install button provided therein. If the APK comes with permission requirements at this point of installation, ensure you allow all of the required permissions
  • After the installation, you can launch the Spotify Premium APK and then log in to your Spotify account. If you don’t have a Spotify account yet, you can get started with Spotify via the Facebook Connect option or by opening a new account
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Frankly enough, it is not everyone who can afford giving up their bucks just in order to unlock the premium features of the top-rated music streaming app. Bearing this fact in mind, some APK developers considered it befitting to develop a “mod” (modified) version of Spotify Premium that would not only offer access to Spotify’s premium features, but also guarantee this access on a free-of-charge basis. 

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