How Do I delete my SportyBet Account? Here’s What You Should Know

SportyBet is a popular sports betting company with thousands of customers mainly in Nigeria and Kenya. As a high-profile bookmaker, SportyBet provides an intuitive online betting avenue that offers customers a wide range of features including instant withdrawal/deposit, live betting, lots of mouth-watering odds, and many more. 

SportyBet’s betting platform is an all-inclusive one where bettors can stake on events in almost any sport of their choice. Whether your betting preference is virtual games, casinos or live games, you can rest assured that SportyBet has got all you need to have an awesome betting experience. 

Notwithstanding the fact that SportyBet has stamped its footing in the league of reliable sports betting platforms, some customers may seem to have lost interest in using the betting platform. Whether the reason is to fight off gambling addiction or avoid using a compromised account, you could find yourself among the bettors willing to close their SportyBet accounts. 

Therefore, we would like to guide you on how you can delete your SportyBet account without any fuss. 

Deleting Your SportyBet Account –Here’s What You Should Know


There are two ways in which you can delete your SportyBet account. One of them is to write an email message and send it to SportyBet’s support team. The other way is to simply contact SportyBet’s customer care and declare that you want to delete your account. 

Steps to Delete a SportyBet Account via Email

  • Sign in to the email account you registered with your SportyBet account
  • After signing in, create an email message and title it “Request to delete SportyBet account”
  • As for the content of the email, you should firmly declare that you want to delete, deactivate or close your SportyBet account. You may include your reason for the intended account closure
  • If you’re in Kenya, send the email to SportyBet’s support team at [email protected] . However, you’ll have to send the email to a different address [email protected] provided you’re in Nigeria
  • After all that, your account closure request will get to the support team, hence, prompting SportyBet to delete your account
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Contacting SportyBet’s Customer Care to Delete Your Account

This option is probably the easier way to have your SportyBet account deleted. You’ll not have to compose any message whatsoever. Simply reach SportyBet’s customer care via 07008888888. By doing this, you’ll easily connect with a customer care rep on phone and request that they delete your SportyBet account. 



Before you delete your SportyBet account, you have to be very sure that you’re no longer interested in using the account. This is because you’ll not be allowed to restore a SportyBet account after having deleted the account. Your only chance of getting to use SportyBet again is to create a new account. 

If your SportyBet account gets compromised whereas you still wish to use the account, we advise that you contact SportyBet’s customer care and seek their assistance. This would be a better thing to do instead of resorting to permanent account closure. 

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